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2017, goodbye! 2018, we are working together!,99久久免费热在线佳构|日本毛片基地一亚洲AV

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Looking back over the past year, Langkee introduced two new products, the "Tianlu" series of all-purpose multi-head gradient PCR instrument T20/T30 and the first quantitative PCR system Q1000, which became an important milestone in the history of Langji.

        In 2017, it was the year that Hangzhou Longjiike sailed and sailed into a butterfly. In this year, we have been down-to-earth and hard-working. In this year, we have high morale and unrelenting mission. In this year, we have made great achievements and brave improvement. We face the issue and implement it decisively. Finally, we have achieved a perfect transformation.

        For the Lange people in 2018, it is a year of hope and a year full of hope!

        2017, goodbye! 2018, we are working together! ! !

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